The Very Best Going Away Gifts for Boyfriend When He Leaves for College

By Sonya Franklin

I have watched my sisters and friend stress over this decision throughout my high school days. My boyfriend is leaving for college, what kind of going away gift should I give him?

I am assuming that if you are stressing about this decion, you are very serious about this guy, am I right? So the more personal the gift the better, and if it is something that will cause him to remember you fondly and smail while he is away at college that is even better.

So I cam going to share with you the very best “going away to college gifts “we have discovered for boyfriend the past four years. We are sure from this list, you will find the pefect gift based upon your personality and the relationship you have with you man.

You know the pollitically correct attitude to have is to be supportive as this is going to be a huge change for him as well. Granted this kind of attiude many times is easier said than done. So, you decide to offer your words of encouragement and to send your love along with him.

You also decide to give him a going-away gift for when he leaves for college that will simultaneously bring him joy and help to keep the memory of you alive in his heart. You may be unsure of what to get him which is where we come in. You understand the relationship you have more than we do, but we are sure you can find the perfect gift for your boyfriend heading off to college from the ideas below.

Original Girl Friend Pillow

This maybe the pefect boyfriend gift. It is half gag / half sexy. I have had several friends that have given this to their boyfriends that are leaving for college or the military. If this meets your personality and relationship, then look no further, simply the perfect gag/sexy gift.

Love Keychains for Couples that are moving or leaving for College.

The Original Girlfriend Pillow – Cute and Fun Wife, Companion or Cuddle Buddy – Body Pillow with Benefits – Funny Unique Gag...

Long Distance Relationship Bracelet Set for Couples

He takes off to another city for college and you want to have an object that will strengthen your relationship and celebrate your love.

This gift can be shared by both you and your boyfriend and it is a perfect way to show how much you care. It is a reminder to be worn proudly on his person as a statement of the fact that you hold each other’s hearts.

The option also exists to get two bracelets not only for matching but also for the sake of reinforcing the commitment that you have each agreed to. Each bracelet boasts a compass as its centerpiece and this is indicative of the direction and distance between and your soul mate that is your current situation.

The card includes the message that distance is just a test of your love. Before he left for college surprise him with this very romantic gift.

Hugging Pillow

Sometimes after a hard day or just for showing affection, you and your guy would hug each other. Of course, the distance involved in his going away for college makes that impractical and you now need to give him something that can take over for you while he’s away (we all know you are unreplaceable. )

Available in three sizes, this popular pillow bears the message “Hug this pillow until you can hug me”. It reminds your sweetheart that you are still there for him, and he can have this to hold until he returns home from college and again able to hold you.

“Reasons I love you” Hardcover Linen Notebook

Sometimes in a relationship, it’s important to remember the reasons you began in the first place. Even more important it to remember how far your relationship has come. With your boyfriend away from you, the distance will no doubt be a challenge that you must both face.

This hardcover journal can help with that in one of two ways. First, you could buy this journal and populate it with all the things you love about him, giving him something he can see and remember while he’s in college.

Alternatively, you could give him the empty journal and have him populate it while he’s away, so his heart reflects on you daily. Even better is have one for you and one for him, and you can share with each other what you have written when he visits home.

Love You Miss You Blanket

Love is an expression which means that typically it’s felt on an emotional level. What if we told you that you could get your boyfriend a gift that expresses your love in physical form while he’s away?

The color scheme of this blanket isn’t enough of an expression, however, the velvet feel and softness and warmth radiate the positive feelings of love. Additionally, the text on the blanket can be customized and reflect one of eight love-filled statements of your choice.

With a gift like this, your boyfriend will be able to all but feel you snuggling next to him. Give this blanket to him early, before he leaves from college and make out on it a couple of times before he goes. Make some special memories, and that is sure to get him through his frist semister unitl he can gets a holiday break and can come home to see you.

I Am Already Taken Hoodie

One of the best feelings in a relationship is being able to assert your position and branding, someone, you love as your own.

This hoodie is your chance to let all the girls at your boyfriend’s college know that he already belongs to a girl, even though they may not be able to see her that often.

Also, you get to reinforce the fact that you’re crazy (if they couldn’t tell as he’s even wearing this) and that if necessary you’ll resort to violence for the sake of your relationship. You’re just protecting what you love right? Nothing more. 🙂

(The Going Away Gift he is Guaranteed to Love) SPORTS TICKET ALBUMN

Guys love sports. Even if you’ve managed to find one who doesn’t have his Saturday permanently scheduled with football then this is not for him. However if I just described your boyfriend, there are very few gifts you can give him that he will arppreciate more.

This sports ticket albumn will give him the chance to watch his college team and save the ticket stubs. This will document this time in his life, and everytime he adds a ticket to this albumn, he will be remembering you. Not just now, but twenty years from now when he reminises on this time in his life.

Long Distance Couples Mugs

If you and your boyfriend are coffee drinkers, this is an awesome gift. This gift for going to college feeds into the cliché of the persons in a relationship becoming two parts of a single whole.

The graphics on the mugs (yes, it’s a pair) are very well done individually, but both mugs are needed to illustrate the complete picture. Look closely at the picture above, how cool is that?

The fact that none of these mugs can do this alone, and that it is impossible for them to do it while your boyfriend is away, perfectly captures the importance of each of you to your relationship. This reinforces this important attitude, in a very unique way.

I’ll Be Back I’ll Be Waiting Necklace Sets (Perfect Boyfriend – Girlfriend Gift)

This gift is the physical manifestation of a commitment that you have each made to each other. Your boyfriend must go off to college to gain the knowledge he needs to help secure a better life for you both of you.

At least this what society tells us. For the record my boyfriend never went to college and was making more money than college professors by the time he was twenty. This is the book that put him on the track to wealth. How to Get Rich Without a College Education.

I understand that is not your situation, or the situation my girlfriends and sisters have experienced. So he promises to be back for you. You understand the necessity of what he is doing and you are just as committed to the preservation of your relationship. So you have promised to wait for him. The promise to meet again is the best going-away gift to send him off with a smile.

PS No matter what gift you select, this is the BEST GIFT YOU CAN give your boyfriend, and the #1 skill a wife can learn.

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