The “Apple” of Teeth Whitening Systems

The Dental Disruptor, based in Arizona, was one of the fastest growing brands of 2019. And for good reason ; They have turned an entire industry on its head. With the competition scrambling to catch-up. Here’s why you’re going to love Snow.

1. It’s Proven To Work.

No hype, just facts: over 570,000 happy customers and a 4.9 Star review average. Your results are absolutely guaranteed, with a 5 year Warranty.

2. Celebs Love Snow

Why would wealthy celebrities, like Kris Jenner and Gronk- who can afford pretty much anything they want- use Snow?

It’s simple, because they need to look their best all the time for work and social events – and those online photos will be there forever… Sound like a familiar scenario?

And because it’s so fast and easy to use Snow – just apply the wand to your teeth and plug into your phone -You can literally do it anywhere!

3. Because Our Teeth Say a Lot About Us

There’s nothing more radiant and prosperous than a beaming white smile.

And there’s also nothing that spoils a great look more than stained, yellow teeth.

With Snow, you’ll never have that worry.

4. Regular = Results

Would one single day in the gym make a change? Doubtful.

But with Snow you will see the change in just 10 minutes per day.

And because Snow is 5 x faster and more effective than strips, it’s super easy to maintain your new dazzling teeth, without the hassle of extortionate and time consuming dental visits. So worries over Red wine and Coffee are a thing of the past!

5. It won’t erode your gums

The old way of whitening (that many dentists still use), sends you home with bleaching gel to put in a tray, which ends up all over your gums as well as your teeth. Not good.

Snow’s 5 patent, proprietary system uses a wand to apply whitening serum just to your teeth, so it goes only where it needs to go.

6. Everything You Need is Included

Snow comes with the Activating light, Tooth shade progress grader, and with 12 months’ worth of their propriety serum. You’ll be stunning people with your pearly whites for the next year.

7. Risk Free Purchase

If you don’t get results you are thrilled with we demand to buy it back!

With your results guaranteed, why not treat yourself and to the smile you truly deserve and try Snow today! Plus, every order helps a child get the dental care they need. We can process your order today on Amazon and
you will have your Snow Kit within a day or two!

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